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Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale – Second Edition (RADS-2)

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The RADS-2 is a brief, 30-item self-report measure that includes subscales which evaluate the current level of an adolescent’s depressive symptomatology along four basic dimensions of depression: Dysphoric Mood, Anhedonia/Negative Affect, Negative Self-Evaluation, and Somatic Complaints. Interpretation of these four subscales is based on both the nature of the depression domain and the item content of the subscale. The RADS-2 standard (T) scores and associated clinical cutoff score provide the clinician or researcher with an indication of the clinical severity of the individual’s depressive symptoms (normal, mild, moderate, or severe).
Scores are plotted on a Summary/Profile Form, allowing comparison of elevations across subscales. Examining item endorsement levels within elevated subscales can provide further information about the nature of an adolescent’s reported symptomatology.

Kit Content

RCDS-2 Professional Manual, 25 RCDS-2 Test Booklets, and 25 RCDS-2:SF Test Forms.