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Neuropsychological Assessment Battery® (NAB®) Screening Kit (12 tests)

Robert A. Stern and Travis Whites
18 - 97 Years
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The NAB Provides an Efficient, Comprehensive Assessment of Attention, Language, Memory, Spatial Processing, and Executive Functions in Less Than 4 Hours…
The NAB is a comprehensive, integrated, modular battery of 33 new neuropsychological tests developed to assess a wide array of neuropsychological skills and functions in adults (ages 18-97 years) who have known or suspected disorders of the central nervous system. The individual tests are grouped into six modules: Attention, Language, Memory, Spatial, Executive Functions, and Screening (which allows the clinician to determine which of the other five domain-specific modules are appropriate to administer to an individual patient).

The NAB has excellent psychometric properties, includes extensive normative and validation
data, provides clinical information that meets the needs of a broad range of modern referral
sources, and offers two equivalent forms that reduce practice effects and facilitate
revaluation. The examiner can administer the entire NAB for a comprehensive evaluation of
neuropsychological functioning in less than 4 hours.
Ten Innovative Features of the NAB

  1. Feature Screening for both impaired and normal performance (“dual-screening capability”)
  2. Comprehensive coverage of functional domains
  3. Combined strengths of flexible and fixed battery approaches to assessment
  4. Avoidance of floor and ceiling effects
  5. Reduced administration time
  6. Entire battery normed on a single standardization group (“coordinated norming”)
  7. Demographically corrected norms based on age, education level, and sex
  8. Provision of an equivalent/parallel form
  9. Increased user-friendliness for both examiner and examinee
  10. Focus on ecological validity

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Robert A. Stern and Travis Whites


18 – 97 Years

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Adolescent, Adult, Gereatric







Kit Content

12 tests; includes NAB Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation Manual; NAB Psychometric and Technical Manual; NAB Demographically Corrected Norms Manual; NAB U.S. Census-Matched Norms Manual; 2 Sets of Manipulatives, Screening Module Form 1 materials [Stimulus Book, 25 Record Forms, 25 Response Booklets, 2 Scoring Templates]; and Screening Module Form 2 materials [Stimulus Book, 25 Record Forms, 25 Response Booklets, 2 Scoring Templates]

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