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Screening and Diagnostic Test of Dyslexia ( 9-12 yrs)

Screening and Diagnostic Test of Dyslexia ( 9-12 yrs)

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This test is meant for screening and diagnosing the most probable cases of dyslexia among the school going children of age group of 9-12 yrs. This dyslexia test is divided in two main parts, screening and diagnostic test of dyslexia. In the first part the students are screened by using the rapid picture recall test, memory, mallins intelligence test, phonetics test, vocabulary test. In the second part the specific test of dyslexia is used to diagnose the problem of dyslexia. The following subtest are used like motor coordination skill test, reading test, writing test, spelling test, polysyllable test, month forward /backward, left/right test, b/d problem test, digit forward backward test, homonym test, mathematical table recalling test, mathematical operation test. There are total 16 subtests.


Original Code
Authors Dr. Zeenat Khan
Age Range
Time Taken
Language English

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