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Arizona Articulation Proficiency Scale, 3rd Edition

Arizona Articulation Proficiency Scale, 3rd Edition

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The Arizona Articulation Proficiency Scale, Third Edition (Arizona-3) provides speech-language pathologists and education professionals with all the features for which the test has long been recognized, as well as new features that increase the range, power, and usefulness of the test. It is for use with children and adults but is most sensitive to developmental changes in preschool and early elementary school levels. The test still uses a simple picture-presentation format that offers complete administration. Scoring involves the easy-to-understand "Total Score" that expresses the child's successful speech production on a Scale from 1 to 100. The test covers all the major speech sounds in the English language, including initial and final consonants and blends, vowels, and dipthongs.


Original Code 10641
Authors Janet B. Fudala
Contents Examiner's Manual, Picture Test Cards, and 25 Test Booklets, all in a sturdy storage box. (2000)
Age Range 1-5 through 18-0
Time Taken 2 - 10 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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