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Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns 3rd Edition

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The Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns-Third Edition (HAPP-3; Hodson, 2004) is a valid, reliable, standardized test that is norm-referenced and also criterion-referenced. The HAPP-3, as well as its predecessors (APP, 1980; APP-R, 1986), was designed for children with highly unintelligible speech. Some major improvements include:provision of normative data and technical information,stimulus words and phonetic transcriptions that have been updated and internationalized, andcomprehensive evaluation analysis forms that are larger and "user friendly."


Original Code 11550
Authors Barbara Williams Hodson
Contents Examiner's Manual, 25 Comprehensive Phonological Evaluation Record Forms, 25 Major Phonological Deviations Analysis Forms, 25 Substitutions and Other Strategies Analysis Forms, 50 Preschool Phonological Screening Record Forms, 50 Multisyllabic Word Screening Record Forms, 1 Multisyllabic Word Screening Picture Sheet, 30-piece Object Kit , and 13 Picture Cards
Age Range 2 yrs to any age
Time Taken 15-20 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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