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Adolescent Symptom Inventory- 4 (ASI-4)

Adolescent Symptom Inventory- 4 (ASI-4)

- Brand: Prasad Psycho Corporation
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There are seven sub-tests Verbal Ability (VA), Numerical Ability (NA), Spatial Ability (SA), Closure Ability (CA), Clerical Ability (CL), Reasoning Ability (RA) and Mechanical Ability (MA) and each designed to measure a single primary ability factor and it is important in industrial settings and career and vocational counselling.


Original Code ASI-DK
Authors Kenneth D. Gadow and Joyce Sprafkin
Contents Manual, 25 Parent Checklists, 25 Teacher Checklists, 50 Symptom Count score sheets (with scoring instructions, cutoff scores, and rule out diagnoses), and 50 Symptom Severity Profile (T scores) score sheets for both Parent and Teacher Checklists.
Age Range 12 - 18 yrs
Time Taken 30 minutes
Administration Individual/ Group
Language English

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