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Constructive Thinking Inventory (CTI)

Constructive Thinking Inventory (CTI)

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The CTI is based on Dr. Epstein's Cognitive-Experiential Self-Theory. According to this theory, people have two fundamental adaptive systems: an "experiential system" that automatically learns from lived experience, and a "rational/intellectual system" that operates by conscious reasoning. The CTI measures the efficacy of the experiential system; intelligence tests measure the efficacy of the rational/intellectual system. Note that the CTI cannot be hand-scored. The individual's responses are entered into the software, and the program scores the protocol and automatically generates a score report with raw scores and gender-based T scores with a profile of the results.


Original Code WW-6251-CP
Authors Seymour Epstein
Contents CTI Scoring Program with On-Screen Help and Quick Start Guide; 25-Use Counter Serial Number; Professional Manual; and 25 Test Booklets
Age Range 18 - 80 yrs
Time Taken 15 - 30 minutes
Administration Individual/ Group
Language English

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