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BEST-2: Bedside Evaluation Screening Test, 2nd Ed.

BEST-2: Bedside Evaluation Screening Test, 2nd Ed.

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Assess and quantify language disorders in adults resulting from aphasia. Speech-language pathologists, psychologists,neuropsychologists, and physicians will like this highly efficient and effective tool for assessing communicative modalities. Though it's quick to administer, the best- 2 provides as much data and clinical information as longer evaluations. Using this test, you will obtain sufficient clinical information to set treatment goals and objectives. You'll find the test invaluable for evaluating both high- and low-level patients. The best-2 has been updated and redesigned to provide the busy clinician with an efficient and effective testing instrument for assessing aphasia.


Original Code 8500
Authors Joyce West, Elaine Ss and Deborah Ross-Swain
Contents Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, 25 Record Forms, and pad of 25 Profile/Summary Sheets
Age Range 18+ yrs
Time Taken 20 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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