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Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Profile

- Brand: Prasad Psycho Corporation
- Product Code: 52--2602-KT
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This self scoring, 84 item assessment determines an individuals self reported level of competence in 7 problem solving competencies including risk assessment, data gathering and processing, weighing alternatives, selecting tools, perception and judgment, lateral conceptualization and critical thinking. Respondents who report frequent use of 84 problem solving and decision making behaviors score high on the assessment. By focusing on the individual behaviors where scores are lower, individuals can improve their problem solving and decision making approaches. The self scoring question booklet includes a spider diagram exercise that visually presents strengths and weaknesses. There is a Personal Action Plan template for identifying competency improvement goals and the personal steps to achieving those goals. The Facilitators Guide for this assessment includes an extensive collection of coaching tips to assist in the development of each questionnaire behavior as well as guidance on leading an interpretive workshop using this questionnaire.


Original Code
Authors Jon Warner
Contents Facilitator Guide & Assessment,Assessments (Pack of 5 )
Age Range Adult
Time Taken
Administration Individual
Language English

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