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Learning Styles Profiler (LSP)

- Brand: Prasad Psycho Corporation
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The Learning Styles Profiler is widely used around the world to assess and develop the way people learn at work. It is based on a well-developed evidence based theory driven model of the neuropsychology of learning. The most important thing about the LSP is that it is based on the most up to date and validated biological theory of learning. There is simply no other learning styles questionnaire for business and education with such a good theoretical and design pedigree. Diagnoses functional learners, dysfunctional learners as well as various other types of learning. Goes beyond the weaknesses of the learning cycle. The model of learning measures real psychological processes. Produces a tailored, useful and well-constructed self-development report.


Original Code
Authors Chris J. Jackson.
Contents A pack of 20 questionnaires and interpretation guidelines, Manual
Age Range
Time Taken
Language English

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