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Position Classification Inventory (PCI)

- Brand: Prasad Psycho Corporation
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The Position Classification Inventory (PCI) lets you assign Holland Summary Codes to any position or job class in your organization. The PCI enables employees to use their SDS results to locate and explore matching current and future openings within their firm; analyzes positions within an existing job classification system to determine whether different positions belong in the same job class; assesses the degree of match between worker and job; and provides an understanding of employee and supervisor perceptions of a specific position. The PCI also helps counselors to analyze a client's current job, assess person-job match, and clarify vocational problems; increase a client's understanding of his or her current job situation; and provide a structure for locating future career possibilities.


Original Code WW-1867-KT
Authors Gary D. Gottfredson and John L. Holland
Contents PCI Manual, 25 Reusable Item Booklets, and 25 Answer Sheets/Profile Forms
Age Range 18 - 65 yrs
Time Taken 10 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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