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Clinical Assessment Scales for the Elderly™ Short Form (CASE-SF™)

Clinical Assessment Scales for the Elderly™ Short Form (CASE-SF™)

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The CASE-SF is designed to provide you with a rapid assessment of elderly adults to determine whether a more comprehensive evaluation of psychopathology or a referral for a different type of examination might be needed (e.g., referral to a neuropsychologist). The CASE-SF consists of a selfrating test booklet (Form S) and an other-rating test booklet (Form R) that can be completed by a knowledgeable caregiver such as a spouse, child, home health-care worker, or sibling. Derived from the CASE, the CASE-SF includes all 10 CASE clinical scales and two of the CASE validity scales (Lie and Validity).


Original Code WW-4567-KT
Authors Cecil R. Reynolds and Erin D. Bigle
Contents CASE/CASE-SF Professional Manual, 25 Form S Test Booklets, 25 Form R Test Booklets, and 50 Profile Forms
Age Range 55 - 90 yrs
Time Taken 10 - 20 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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