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Child Abuse Potential Inventory (CAP)

Child Abuse Potential Inventory (CAP)

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The CAP Inventory was designed primarily as a screening tool for the detection of physical child abuse by protective services workers in their investigations of reported child abuse cases. The CAP Inventory is a 160-item, reliable and valid objective self-report screening instrument that can assist protective services workers in making case decisions. It contains a total of 10 scales. The primary clinical scale (Abuse) can be divided into six factor scales: Distress, Rigidity, Unhappiness, Problems With Child and Self, Problems With Family, and Problems With Others. In addition, the CAP Inventory contains three validity scales: Lie, Random Response, and Inconsistency.


Original Code WW-5175-KT
Authors Joel S. Milner
Contents Manual, 2nd Ed., An Interpretive Manual for the CAP Inventory, 10 Inventory Form VI Booklets, 10 Raw Score Summary Sheets, 10 Inconsistency Scale Scoring Sheets, and 1 Complete Scoring Template Set
Age Range 18 to 99 years
Time Taken 12 - 20 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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