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Rogers Criminal Responsibility Assessment Scales

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The R-CRAS provides the forensic psychologist or psychiatrist with an empirically based approach to evaluating criminal responsibility. This instrument allows you to quantify the impairment at the time of the crime, to relate the impairment to the appropriate legal standard, and to render an expert opinion with respect to that legal standard. Part I establishes the degree of impairment on psychological variables significant to the determination of insanity. Part II aids in rendering an accurate opinion on criminal responsibility with the ALI standard, and also includes experimental decision models for guilty-but-mentally-ill (GBMI) and M'Naghten standards.


Original Code WW-0905-KT
Authors Richard Rogers
Contents �R-CRAS Manual and 50 Examination Booklets
Age Range 18 - 79 yrs
Time Taken Untimed
Administration Individual
Language English

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