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Miller forensic Assessment of Symptoms Test

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The M-FAST is a brief 25-item screening interview for individuals ages 18 years and older that provides preliminary information regarding the probability that an individual is feigning psychiatric illness. Most malingering and symptom validity instruments assess malingered cognitive and/or neuropsychological deficits. The M-FAST focuses exclusively on malingered psychiatric illness. The seven M-FAST scales operationalize response styles and interview strategies that have been demonstrated to successfully identify individuals who are attempting to feign psychology: Reported vs. Observed (symptoms) (RO), Extreme Symptomatology (ES), Rare Combinations (RC), Unusual Hallucinations (UH), Unusual Symptom Course (USC), Negative Image (NI), and Suggestibility (ES).


Original Code WW-4647-KT
Authors Holly A. Miller
Contents M-FAST Professional Manual and 25 Interview Booklets
Age Range 18 - 71 yrs
Time Taken 5 - 10 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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