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16 P.F. Questionnaire Form A/B/C/D/E Indian Adaptation ( 15 yrs +)

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16 primary scales and other numerous derivative scales. A test of normal adult personality the 16 P. F, Form A to E effectively measure levels of (i) warmth, (ii) intelligence, (iii) emotional maturity, (iv) dominance, (v) impulsivity, (vi) super ego strength, (vii) boldness, (viii) sensitivity, (ix) trust, (x) imagination, (xi) shrewdness, (xii) confidence, (xiii) radicalism, (xiv) self sufficiency, (xv) self sentiment, and (xvi) tension. Additional derived scales include five second order factors—extraversion, anxiety, tough poise, independent and social control plus composite scores for creativity, adjustment, leadership and numerous other criteria related scales. It is widely used in industry and business for selection, placement, training and promotion of personnel. It also facilitates accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Range 16 years and above. Forms A and B are equivalent forms of 187 items, untimed, requires 45-60 minutes, Forms C and D are equivalent forms of 105 items, meant for 15+ and adult, untimed, requires 25-30 minutes and Form E of 128 items is for low literates.)


Original Code
Authors S. D. Kapoor
Contents 1 Manual, Norms, 25 booklets, 100 answer sheet and profile sheets, Scoring key
Age Range
Time Taken
Language Hindi

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