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Forensic Resources

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The COVR is an interactive software program designed to estimate the risk of an acute civil psychiat..
₹26,307 Ex Tax: ₹26,307
The ECST-R is a semistructured interview designed to assess dimensions of competency to stand trial,..
₹23,463 Ex Tax: ₹23,463
The M-FAST is a brief 25-item screening interview for individuals ages 18 years and older that provi..
₹14,931 Ex Tax: ₹14,931
The PPI-R is a 154-item self-report measure of both global psychopathy and the component traits of p..
₹26,702 Ex Tax: ₹26,702
The RSTI is a semistructured interview and rating scale designed to help clinicians assess juvenile ..
₹18,328 Ex Tax: ₹18,328
The R-CRAS provides the forensic psychologist or psychiatrist with an empirically based approach to ..
₹12,482 Ex Tax: ₹12,482
The SVR-20 is a 20-item checklist of risk factors for sexual violence that were identified by a revi..
₹9,401 Ex Tax: ₹9,401
The SIRS was designed for the assessment of feigning, including a scale to assess defensiveness; the..
₹25,517 Ex Tax: ₹25,517
The SIMS is a 75-item, true/false screening instrument that assesses for both malingered psychopatho..
₹12,640 Ex Tax: ₹12,640
The MacCAT-CA is a 22-item structured interview for the pretrial assessment of adjudicative competen..
₹18,565 Ex Tax: ₹18,565


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