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Assertiveness Style Profile
The Assertiveness Profile reveals an individual's use of four distinct assertiveness styles. Full in..
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₹19,788 Ex Tax: ₹19,788
Conflict Style Inventory
This instrument assesses individual approaches to conflict and shows how to make conflict a construc..
₹19,788 Ex Tax: ₹19,788
Dealing with Conflict is an ideal classroom style, self scoring assessment booklet for teaching prof..
₹47,400 Ex Tax: ₹47,400
DISCStyles Assessment
DISCStyles assessment has been crafted specifically to assist organizations in understanding how beh..
₹56,400 Ex Tax: ₹56,400
Emotional Intelligence Profile
This 32-item, self-scoring assessment Emotional Intelligence Profile refers to the complex mix of so..
₹19,788 Ex Tax: ₹19,788
Ethical Type Indicator
The Ethical Type Indicator is a self-scoring, personal assessment instrument that reveals your prima..
₹20,994 Ex Tax: ₹20,994
The Eysenck Personality Profiler (EPP) is widely used in research and consultancy. In business, it i..
₹33,000 Ex Tax: ₹33,000
The Five-Factor Nonverbal Personality Questionnaire (FF-NPQ) depict personality-relevant behaviors t..
₹22,500 Ex Tax: ₹22,500
INSIGHT Inventory
In less than 30 minutes the INSIGHT Inventory teaches participants self awareness of their primary b..
₹32,910 Ex Tax: ₹32,910
Personality can determine important characteristics like dependability, self-discipline, leadership,..
₹22,680 Ex Tax: ₹22,680


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