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A measure of interpersonal Behavioural Style. It is a measure of Machiavellian belief and attitude o..
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
Behavioural Checklist for Screening the Learning Disabled (BCSLD) (6 - 13 yrs)
It is a screening tool which advocates use of other diagnostic tools for the assessment and determin..
₹2,500 Ex Tax: ₹2,500
This test was developed to test the Intelligence of Indian Population. It includes following five su..
₹4,800 Ex Tax: ₹4,800
Includes both verbal and performance tests. Age 3 to 22 years and adults with mental handicap. 24 Ca..
₹2,990 Ex Tax: ₹2,990
This test consists 15 items. It was standardized on High School Students...
₹600 Ex Tax: ₹600
A test to match FIRO-B in content and result..
₹17,000 Ex Tax: ₹17,000
This battery measures four components of I. stress-frustration, II. conflict, III. pressure and IV. ..
₹2,750 Ex Tax: ₹2,750
This test consists 80 items. It is standardized on 1000 students of Intermediate class of both the s..
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
This 40 items scale provides career and family values of women in the present social context, especi..
₹1,700 Ex Tax: ₹1,700


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