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The ASSCS is self-administering scale. The scale is designed to measure the level of academic stress..
₹1,000 Ex Tax: ₹1,000
This scale consists 53 items of 10 areas. It was standardized on 120 student of XI class...
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
The test consists of 50 items. It was administered on 600 college going students from 16 to 22 years..
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
This scale consists 65 items of XIth and XIIth class student...
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
This test consists 100 items. It was standardized on X and XI class students..
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900
This test consists 39 items. It was standardized on 160 students of 11th class...
₹650 Ex Tax: ₹650
ADHD Scale (3- 15 yrs)
The test is completed by teachers, parents, or others familiar with the individual. The 48 items are..
₹1,200 Ex Tax: ₹1,200
It seeks to discriminate between well-adjusted and poorly-adjusted students. Inventory provides five..
₹1,000 Ex Tax: ₹1,000
This inventory consists 140 iems. It is meant for students from High School to postgraduate classes...
₹900 Ex Tax: ₹900


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