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Medico-Psychological Questionnaire – (Adult)


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Measurement of Neuroticism and related areas of maladjustment is one of the problems of central importance in the fields of Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry. The MPQ or Medico-Psychological Questionnaire is one such instrument, which can be used as an effective old. The following purposes are believed to be served by the use of MPQ: –

1. It helps in the identification of neurotic cases in the general population. Using it as a group test, persons with serious psychological problems can be screened out in the various sections of the population like the educational institutions. Industrial establishments, etc.

2. It enables obtaining a total score reflective of ‘general neuroticism which is interpretable on the ’emotional adjustment emotional maladjustment continuum”, This score is reflective of what is Identified as “general neuroticism”as described by Eysenck’s and others.

3. It provides for making a differential diagnosis writhing the sub-categories of neurosis, namely (a) Hysteria. (b) Neurasthenia., (c) Anxiety Neurosis, (d) Reactive Depression and (e) Obsession Compulsion, to some extent depending upon the scores obtained on these categories. The scores can be pictured in profiles, thus giving a visual representation. The differential diagnosis so made would help in the use of appropriate methods of treatment for the given case.

4. A comparison of pre-therapy and post-therapy evaluations of a case on the test (with sufficient intervals) would reflect the progress made by the patient. Therapeutic strategy can be changed depending upon the results.

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J. Bhrath Raj


17 – 57 Years

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