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Emotion-focused Coping Skills A Mindfulness Approach

Dr. Arifa Momtaz Begum and Dr. Jinamoni Saikia
14 Years and Above
11 Days (One or Two session each day)
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Emotion-Focused Coping Skills-A mindfulness approach”, is an intervention package developed especially for adolescents with a view to reducing aggression and leading to the management of emotions. This intervention package can be implemented by any person dealing with adolescent problems. The person may be a teacher, counselor, educator, NGO worker, and other personnel directly or indirectly working for adolescents. The package is prepared as a module, about which the facilitator should have a deep understanding of the entire activities to be implemented.
This user-friendly intervention package is a combination of learning psycho-educational components, mindfulness, and meditative activities as well as essence to abate aggression. A sensitization program for parents and teachers is also a part of this intervention. The package consists of various sessions designed for 11 days that are applicable for adolescents (14 years onward). The sessions are very easy, simple, and easily adaptable. The sessions are completely interactive, in which thorough discussions, exercises, and activities make the participants fully involved in the sessions. The major focus of this intervention is to develop coping skills to manage uncontrolled emotions through mindfulness activities.

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Dr. Arifa Momtaz Begum and Dr. Jinamoni Saikia


14 Years and Above

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11 Days (One or Two session each day)

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