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Developmental Assessment Scales for Indian Infants (DASII)

Pramila Pathak
Birth - 30 Months
40 minutes
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DASII was developed by M.S. University, of Baroda, and a Newly adapted version is based on Baroda Norms. Developed after 7 years of research. Age Range: From Birth to 2 years. Testing Time: 40 Minutes. Uses completely indigenous materials. Norms developed in Baroda. Performance profiles in Pune. Integrated development of Mental and Motor factors is scored separately.
Abilities Evaluated: Body Control, Locomotion, Manipulation, Cognition, Memory, Social interaction, language Development & Manual Dexterity, Application: Assessment of Mental & Motor Development. Diagnosis & location of Delayed Development, Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Intervention program.

The motor development items cover the child’s development from supine to erect posture, neck control, locomotion, and basic locomotive skills, such as climbing, jumping, skipping, etc. It also includes the record for manipulative behavior such as reaching, picking up things, handling and manipulating them, putting or throwing them in a directed manner, etc.

The mental development items record the child’s cognizance of objects in the surroundings, the perceptual pursuit of moving objects, and exploring them for meaningful manipulation. It also covers the development of communication and language comprehension, spatial relationship and manual dexterity, imitative behavior and social interaction, etc.

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Pramila Pathak


Birth – 30 Months

Age Filter

Infant and Toddler


40 minutes



Kit Content

List of Material Kept in Big Box.

1. Ball (Red)
2. Box – Square with two lids
One with a hole.
3 Cubes (Red) – 10
4 Rattle
5 Square Beads (B)
6 Torch – Red
7 Toy Chair / Diwan
8 Bell
9 Pencil – Yellow (Full)
10 Ring with string (Red)
11 Spoons (2)
12 Toy car – sliding

List of Material Kept in Small Box.

Doll – with head cut-off
Light switch
3. Scissors – not Sharp
4. Pellet (Tablets with a diameter 8 mm. (Approx)
5 Small animal – Toy
6 Toy Watch
7 Measuring Tape.
8 Box – Cylindrical
9 Box – Round
10 Colour Sticks (2)
11 Toy Cup
12 Chalk Stick

Loose Material.
Big wheeled toy.
Board for 6 pegs and 6 pegs.
Board with 3 shapes in a line.
With 3 fitting pieces (BSCL)
4. Board with 3 shapes in two-line
with 3 fitting pieces. (BSOL) .
5. Board with two shapes
Repeated with 9 pieces. (BTSR)
6. Cups (3)
7. Doll, which can be seated.
8 Doll-Squeezing.
9 Plate
10 Stick For Manipulation.

Material Kept In Polythene Bag.

1. Incomplete watch ( 5 cards)
2. Mirror.
3. Paper – Pad
4. Picture Book.
5. Picture cards ( 2)
6 Napkin
7 Manual
8 Answer sheets – 2
9 Basic Work Up Book

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