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In the era of digital supremacy, we at PRASADPSYCHO digiConnect, powered by Prasad Psycho Pvt. Ltd., are committed to transforming all the psychological assessments, into this online platform. It will enable professionals & their clients to participate and access the said assessments or reports in a computerized format. It will be a holistic process starting from purchasing to administration, going all the way to automated standard report generation.


Economical – it is light on the pocket and helps you avail a wide range of services for reasonable rates.

Easy to Administer – P.digiconnect is very easy to administer. You can work your way through the psychometric testing smoothly with the help of the same.

Easy to Score – It helps you to automate the scoring process. It helps you get an accurate score and eliminates the possibility of human error.

Standard Reporting – P.digiconnect also provides you with standardized reporting style. With every test you administer on P.digiconnect, a report is automatically generated which can be then directly shared with your clients.

Time Saving – Automating the psychological testing process saves a lot of time for both the practitioner and the client. It also gives you more time to work efficiently in the therapeutic process.

Portable – You take your laptop or mobile phone around and administer your tests, anytime and anywhere. It reduces the time taken to arrange for the paperwork, and helps eliminate location barriers.

Accessible – PPC Digiconnect will be available for you on all devices including your laptop, mobile phones, and tablets. It increases the accessibility of the testing process and can be done on the go.