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Personality Inventory For Children, 2nd Ed. COMPUTER SCORING AND INTERPRETATION KIT

David Lachar and Christian P. Gruber
5 - 19 Years
Full scale, 40 minutes; Behavioral Summary, 15 minutes
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This highly regarded test is widely used by clinical and school psychologists to evaluate the emotional, behavioural, cognitive, and interpersonal adjustment of children and teens. The PIC-2 is one of three coordinated instruments: It provides the parent’s description of the child; the PIY provides the child’s self-report; and the SBS supplies a teacher rating. While each of these instruments has been validated to function independently, together they provide an integrated picture of the child’s adjustment at home, at school, and in the community. When you need a shorter administration, the PIC-2 offers a Behavioral Summary, which is comprised of the first 96 items on the test. The Behavioral Summary Profile provides scores for the 8 scales, plus a Total Score and 3 Composites: Externalization, Internalization, and Social Adjustment. By providing two administration formats, the PIC-2 gives you a great deal of flexibility. The standard, 275-item profile assesses the full range of developmental, cognitive, adjustment, and interpersonal issues, with subscales that supply useful clinical detail and an optional critical items list divided into 9 content categories. The 96-item Behavioral Summary offers brevity, a strong correlation with the full scale, a focus on current behaviour that is likely to respond to treatment, and broad summary measures useful in evaluating change. The PIC-2 was standardized on ratings from 2,306 parents of boys and girls in kindergarten through 12th grade. Protocols were collected from 23 urban, rural, and suburban schools in 12 states. Participating parents represented all socioeconomic levels and all major ethnic groups. In addition, data were collected from a sample of 1,551 parents whose children had been referred for educational or clinical intervention.

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David Lachar and Christian P. Gruber


5 – 19 Years

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Adolescent, Children




Full scale, 40 minutes; Behavioral Summary, 15 minutes



Kit Content

Manual; 2 Reusable Administration Booklets; 50 Answer Sheets; PIC-2 Scoring and Interpretation CD (25 uses).

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