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Computerized Bio Feedback

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Neuropsychological Biofeedback (computerized )
Computerized Biofeedback for GSR, Temp, Pulse Rate, Respiration, EMG, and EEG (Neurofeedback) Parameters

1. General
a) The biofeedback is used for conducting a training session for the subjects to improve stress management leading to relaxation. The feedback lap is expected to enable the user to become aware of the physiological process which Normally takes place unconsciously to be under control.
The purposed system provides feedback on:-
i) GSR (Skin Conductance)
ii) Temperature (Skin)
iii) Pulse (change in blood flow just below the skin surface).
iv) Respiration (Abdominal and Thoracic)
v) Electromyography (EMG), (Muscle Tension)
vi) Electroencephalography (EEG feedback brainwave activity)

b) The recording of subjects’ Physiological data is captured through user-friendly lightweight sensor modules and transmitted to the PC using the latest technology.

c) The sensor records physiological changes (e.g. Heart rate, temperature, Respiration).

d) The captured reading is reported visually and auditory

e) Psychofeedback makes it possible to deliberately change Physiological functions and helps to change his /her Functional efficiency.

The features of the system are
– Audio Visual feedback.
– A variety of musical variations to set at a different level of Relaxation.
– 21 Nos. of picture animation.
– Separate Monitor for Video animation.
– Modular system to enable the use of parameters of choice at a particular time.
– User-friendly sensors to provide simple plug-in connection and color-coded connectors for easy identification.
– Precision and sensitivity levels more than 7 grades.
– Simultaneously display of readings- the system can give differential readings from one person for different parameters at the same time.

3. Description of Modules:-
i) Temperature module: The module measures skin temperature. It is possible to attach a temperature sensor used for measuring temperature to the hand or forehead with help of a headband or Velcro strap.

ii) Pulse module: The module measures pulse amplitude and frequency. It is possible to attach a pulse to a hand or forehead with the help of a headband or Velcro strap.

iii) GSR module: The module measures skin conductance. It is possible to attach a Velcro strap to the palm and finger.

iv) Respiration module: The module measures breathing patterns. It is possible to fasten the breathing belt around the thorax or abdomen.

v) EMG Module: The EMG signals are detected with silver electrodes (surface electrodes) and amplified by a low noise preamplifier.

vi) EEG feedback: The neurofeedback module is used to enhance the particular frequency of EEG (electroencephalograph) waves. Enhancing different Frequency band activities via training through Neurofeedback describes the following frequency band detail:-

– Neurofeedback analysis.
– 3-D graphics games for feedback.

Complete with following Accessories:-
i) EEG Electrodes – 10 Nos.
ii) EMG Electrodes – 02 sets
iii) GSR Electrodes – 02 sets
iv) EEG Paste – 01 Jar
v) Jelly – 01 Tube
vi) Pulse Transducer – 01 No.
vii) Respiration Belt – 01 No.
viii) Temp. Transducer – 01 No.
ix) Software Backup C/D – 01 No.

Computer Hardware compatible with Computerized Biofeedback
– CPU – Processor i3, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, DVD R/w,
– Monitor – 18.5” colored
– Printer – Windows supporting Inkjet Colour Printer.
– Operating System: Window-7 (32 bit).
– Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad.