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Attitude Towards Domestic Violence Scale


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Domestic violence is not a new concept; it has prevailed in our societies from a long time and is still prevailing. The concept of women empowerment was brought up in 20th century which raised the standard of women in society. Women have become stronger but crimes against women have not stopped even in this 21st century. Such issues still remain unresolved. .Many psychologists and sociologists have given different theories concerning domestic violence. These involve psychological theories where focus is on mental health and personality of the husbands and sociological theories where focus is on external factors such as family structures, education, employment, etc. therefore it is essential to assess attitude towards domestic violence in Indian context. Further, there is scarcity of standardized Indian tool to assess attitude towards domestic violence scale.

Chapter one describes domestic violence, attitude towards domestic violence, its theoretical perspective, development of scale, administration and scoring. Chapter two describes the psychometric properties of the scale, item analysis, item discrimination, reliability, validity, factor analysis, and norms. It consists of 16 items. Age limit is from 25-45 years and is available in Hindi.

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Ekta Soni and Rakesh Kr. Behmani


25-45 years

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10 minutes


English, Hindi

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Manual and 100 consumable booklets