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ASEBA CBCL (Age Range 6 - 18) Hand-Scoring Starter Kit

ASEBA CBCL (Age Range 6 - 18) Hand-Scoring Starter Kit

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The CBCL/6-18 describes specific behavioural and emotional problems, plus two open-ended items for reporting additional problems. Parents rate their child for how true each item is now or within the past 6 months.The CBCL Profiles provide raw scores, T scores and percentiles for three competence scales (Activities, Social, School), Total Competence, eight cross-informant syndromes, and Internalizing, Externalizing, and Total Problems. The cross-informant syndromes scored from the CBCL/6-18 are: Aggressive Behavior,Anxious/Depressed,Attention Problems,Rule-Breaking Behavior,Social Problems,Somatic Complaints,Thought Problems,Withdrawn/Depressed


Original Code 201/202/203/204/208/505
Authors Thomas M. Achenbach & Leslie A. Rescorla
Contents CBCL 6-18 (50/pkg)Syndrome and Competence Profiles for Boys(50/pkg), Syndrome and Competence Profiles for Girls(50/pkg), Reusable Hand-Scoring Templates, DSM-oriented Profiles for Boys and Girls (50/pkg), - School-Age Manual
Age Range 6 - 18 yrs
Time Taken 10 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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