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ASEBA CBCL (Age Range 6 - 18) Computer-Scoring Starter Kit

ASEBA CBCL (Age Range 6 - 18) Computer-Scoring Starter Kit

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This displays problem-scale profiles and cross-informant bar graphs in relation to multicultural (including U.S.) norms. Different norms can be selected for a child's CBCL, TRF, and YSR scores. If the norms are unavailable for a society, you can elect default norms or other norms deemed appropriate for the child. The Module includes the following scales added in 2007: Obsessive-Compulsive Problems, Posttraumatic Stress Problems, Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (not on YSR), and Positive Qualities (YSR only). The Multicultural Supplement fully documents the multicultural norms and scales added in 2007.


Original Code 31
Authors Thomas M. Achenbach & Leslie A. Rescorla
Contents ADM Module, 50 CBCL/6-18, TRF, and YSR, Manual, and Multicultural Supplement
Age Range 6 - 18 yrs
Time Taken 10 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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