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ASEBA Adult Self-Report (Age Range 18 - 59) Hand-Scoring Starter Kit

ASEBA Adult Self-Report (Age Range 18 - 59) Hand-Scoring Starter Kit

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The Adult Self-Report (ASR) obtains adults' self-reports of diverse aspects of adaptive functioning and problems. The Adult Behavior Checklist (ABCL) is a parallel form for obtaining reports from people who know the adult well. Both forms are valuable for assessing adults in mental health, family therapy, forensic, counseling, medical, substance abuse, and other settings. The ASR and ABCL are especially valuable for assessing parents of children seen for mental health and family therapy services. By having parents complete ASRs to describe themselves and ABCLs to describe their partner, you obtain profiles that highlight crucial agreements and disagreements between parents' self-descriptions and other people's descriptions of their functioning. You can also compare parents' ASR and ABCL profiles with their children's ASEBA profiles.


Original Code 109
Authors Thomas M. Achenbach & Leslie A. Rescorla
Contents 50 ASRs, 50 ABCLs, 50 of each Profile, plus Templates and Manual
Age Range 18- 59 yrs
Time Taken 10 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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