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ADHD Symptom Checklist-4 (ADHD-SC4)

ADHD Symptom Checklist-4 (ADHD-SC4)

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The ADHD-SC4 is a 50-item rating scale completed by parents and teachers to screen for ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder in children and teens. Items are based on DSM-IV and worded for easy comprehension. The ADHD-SC4 contains a Peer Conflict Scale, which measures peer aggression, and a Stimulant Side Effects Checklist to monitor medication. The Checklist as a whole shows a high correspondence with actual psychiatric diagnoses, and it differentiates clinical and nonclinical populations. The Peer Conflict Scale shows high agreement with direct observations of child aggression, and all four ADHD-SC4 categories are sensitive indicators of response to treatment. Norms are based on teacher ratings of 1,527 children aged 3 to 12 and parent ratings of 522 children and teens from 3 to 18. Raw scores and T-scores are presented on Score Sheets according to symptom severity. Requiring just 5 minutes, the ADHD-SC4 is a quick and reliable measure of attention problems.


Original Code SC4-K
Authors Kenneth D. Gadow and Joyce Sprafkin
Contents Manual, 50 ADHD-SC4 Checklists, and 50 Symptom Severity Profile score sheets.
Age Range 3 - 18 yrs
Time Taken 5 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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