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Conflict Tactics Scales

Conflict Tactics Scales

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The Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS) have been used for decades to evaluate violence within families and intimate relationships. The widespread use of these scales has resulted in a proliferation of adapted forms and some confusion about their clinical and research application. This Handbook clarifies the situation by compiling and organizing--in a single source--the large body of information about the CTS. In addition, it presents two updated versions of the instrument that serve as standard forms.


Original Code W-396
Authors Murray A. Straus, Sherry L. Hamby, Sue Boney-McCoy, David B. Sugarman, David Finkelhor, David W. Moore and Desmond K. Runyan
Contents Handbook; 10 CTS 2 AutoScore Forms; 10 CTS PC AutoScore Forms
Age Range 18+ yrs
Time Taken 10 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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