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Chronic Pain Coping Inventory™ (CPCI™)

Chronic Pain Coping Inventory™ (CPCI™)

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The CPCI/SOPA-SP designed to assess the use of coping strategies that are typically targeted for change in multidisciplinary pain treatment programs, the CPCI can be used as a treatment outcome measure, as a screening measure, and to document the necessity of treatment. CPCI software score and generate reports for both the CPCI and the SOPA. After the examiner enters the client's demographic information and CPCI or SOPA item responses or scale raw scores, the program generates two useful and informative reports for each test: The CPCI Score Report and The CPCI Longitudinal Report .


Original Code WW-6136-KT
Authors Mark P. Jensen, Paul Karoly, Judith A. Turner, Joan M. Romano, Warren R. Nielson and PAR Staff
Contents CPCI Professional Manual, 25 Rating Forms, 25 Score Summary/Profile Sheets, and 25 Pain Worksheets
Age Range 20 - 80 yrs
Time Taken 10 - 15 minutes
Administration Individual/group
Language English

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