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Index of Teaching Stress™ (ITS™)

Index of Teaching Stress™ (ITS™)

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The ITS is a 90 item self report measure normed on 1,488 teachers. It is designed to be used as either a part of individual case consultations. or as a screening measure to identify situations where excessive levels of stress are being experienced by the teacher in relation to teaching a specific student. The ITS evaluates a teacher's level of stress in three domains (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Student Characteristics and Teacher Characteristics). The domain and sub scales alert the clinician to specific needs or perceptions that impinge on or may be disrupting the teaching process, and the teacherstudent relationship. The subscales of the ITS assess teaching stressors related to the following student characteristics: emotional lability, learning limitations, aggressiveness, anxiety, ADHD type behaviors.


Original Code WW-5324-KT
Authors Richard R. Abidin, Ross W. Greene and Timothy R. Konold
Contents ITS Professional Manual, 25 Reusable Item Booklets, 25 Hand-Scorable Answer Sheets, and 25 Profile Forms
Age Range 22 to 65 years
Time Taken 20-25 minutes
Administration Individual/group
Language English

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