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CAS2: Cognitive Assessment System–Second Edition (without case)

CAS2: Cognitive Assessment System–Second Edition (without case)

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The Cognitive Assessment System–Second Edition (CAS2) is a well-researched, norm-referenced measure of cognitive ability based on the well-researched cognitive/neuropsychological theory called PASS (Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and Successive). The CAS2 was designed to measure cognitive processing abilities important for a broad range of differential diagnoses and instructional planning in individuals ages 5-0 through 18-11. CAS2 provides practitioners with a valid and reliable tool to evaluate children’s strengths and weaknesses in important areas of cognitive processing.


Original Code 14299
Authors Jack A. Naglieri * J. P. Das * Sam Goldstein
Contents Administration and Scoring Manual, Interpretive and Technical Manual, Stimulus Books 1-3, 10 Examiner Record Forms, 5 each of the Student Response Books for 5-7 and 8-17, 10 Figure Memory Response Books, Scoring Templates, and one red pencil
Age Range 5 through 18 years
Time Taken 40 to 60 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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