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British Ability Scales: Third Edition

British Ability Scales: Third Edition

- Brand: Prasad Psycho Corporation
- Product Code: 8-3001-KT
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Scoring and analysing the British Ability Scales: Third Edition (BAS3) can be a time consuming and complex task, however, with the introduction of our new BAS3 Scoring and Reporting Service (SRS), the conversion of BAS3 scores is made quicker, easier and less prone to errors, with the added benefit of automatic reporting. All BAS3 customers, whether as an individual or as part of their group service, will receive FREE access to the new BAS3 Scoring and Reporting Service on purchase of the complete set. The new service is a major element of BAS3, as it replaces the normative tables that could be previously found in the BAS II manuals. For those customers who still have a need or preference to complete scoring by hand, all the tables needed for scoring BAS3 are provided in the SRS in downloadable format. These can be printed off or saved onto a computer.


Original Code 9.78070872008E+12
Contents Administration and Scoring Manual, Stimulus Items for each Scale, Stimulus Booklets for relevant Scales, 10 of each Consumable Component, 10 x Early Years Record Booklet, 10 x School Age Record Booklet , 10 x Diagnostic Scales Record Booklet, Bag, Trolley and free access to the Scoring and Reporting Service
Age Range 3 years (3:00) to 17 years 11 months (17:11)
Time Taken 30-45 minutes, depending on the child.
Language English

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