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Early Childhood Inventory-5 ( ECI-5 Deluxe Kit )

Early Childhood Inventory-5 ( ECI-5 Deluxe Kit )

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Modeled closely on the Child Symptom Inventory-4, the Early Childhood Inventory-4 (ECI-4) screens for emotional and behavioral disorders in children. A Teacher Checklist and a Parent Checklist, based on DSM-IV criteria, cover symptoms for the same disorders as the CSI-4, except that they do not cover schizophrenia but add reactive attachment disorder, selective mutism, and eating, sleeping, and elimination problems. In addition, a brief developmental section gives a global impression of the child's speech and language abilities, fine and gross motor coordination, and social skills.


Original Code ECI-DK
Authors Joyce Sprafkin and Kenneth D. Gadow
Contents 25 Parent Checklists; 25 Teacher Checklists; 50 Score Sheets; 50 Symptom Severity Profiles; Screening Manual; Norms Manual; 5-use Scoring CD
Age Range 3 - 5 yrs
Time Taken
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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