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Adolescent Language Screening Test (ALST)

Adolescent Language Screening Test (ALST)

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- Product Code: 17-2009-KT
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The Adolescent Language Screening Test (ALST) provides speech-language pathologists and other interested professionals with a rapid, thorough method for individually screening adolescents' speech and language. The dimensions of language use, content, and form are screened by seven subtests: Pragmatics, Receptive Vocabulary, Concepts, Expressive Vocabulary, Sentence Formulation, Morphology, and Phonology. The results of this screening device provide the clinician with a solid foundation for recommending a total communication evaluation and outline the language dimensions on which extension testing should focus.


Original Code 2790
Authors Denise Morgan and Arthur Guilford
Contents Kit includes Administration Manual, Picture Book, and 50 Test Booklets
Age Range 11 - 17 yrs
Time Taken 15 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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