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Creativity Assessment Packet (CAP)

Creativity Assessment Packet (CAP)

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The CAP measures the cognitive thought factors of fluency, flexibility, elaboration, originality, vocabulary, and comprehension. CAP is a test Packet consisting of two group-administered instruments for children: the Test of Divergent Thinking (Forms A and B) and the Test of Divergent Feeling. A third instrument, The Williams Scale, is a rating instrument for teachers and parents of the same tested factors among children. CAP is suitable for children ages 6 through 18 and is self-scoring.


Original Code 6565
Authors Frank Williams
Contents Examiner’s Manual, 25 Test of Divergent Thinking Forms A, 25 Test of Divergent Thinking Forms B, 25 Test of Divergent Feeling Forms, and 25 Williams Scale Forms,
Age Range 6 through 18
Time Taken 20 - 25 minutes
Administration Individual/ Group
Language English

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