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Comprehensive Test of NonVerbal Intelligence - Second Edition (CTONI-2)

Comprehensive Test of NonVerbal Intelligence - Second Edition (CTONI-2)

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The (CTONI)-2 is a popular norm-referenced Test that uses NonVerbal formats to measure general Intelligence of children and adults whose performance on traditional Tests might be adversely affected by subtle or overt impairments involving language or motor abilities. The (CTONI)-2 measures analogical reasoning, categorical classification, and sequential reasoning, using six subTests in two different contexts: Pictures of familiar objects (e.g., people, toys, animals) and geometric designs (unfamiliar sketches and drawings). The six subTests are: (1) Pictorial Analogies, (2) Geometric Analogies, (3) Pictorial Categories, (4) Geometric Categories, (5) Pictorial Sequences, and (6) Geometric Sequences.


Original Code 13015
Authors Don Hammill, Nils Pearson and J. Lee Wiederholt
Contents Examiner’s Manual, Analogies Picture Book, Categories Picture Book, Sequences Picture Book, and 25 Examiner Record Forms
Age Range 6 - 0 through 90 - 11 yrs
Time Taken 60 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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