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Test of Word Finding–Third Edition (TWF-3)

Test of Word Finding–Third Edition (TWF-3)

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The Test of Word Finding, now in its third edition, is a norm-referenced, single-word expressive language test expressly designed to assess children’s word-finding ability. It can be used to identify students who have word-finding problems, plan word finding intervention, and measure word finding ability in research studies. Features of the TWF-3 All new normative data were collected in 2009-2012 New noun and verb target words have been added Studies showing the absence of racial and gender bias are reported Information pertaining to the TWF-3’s diagnostic accuracy ( sensitivity, specificity, and ROC/AUC) is provided The lexical processing model underlying TWF-3 has been updated to reflect current thinking regarding word retrieval The Comprehension Check functions as a built-in assessment of examinees’ word knowledge Students with diagnosed word finding difficulties were included in the norming sample Three age- and grade-appropriate forms are included: the Preprimary form for preschool and kindergarten students; the Primary form for students in Grades 1 and 2; and the Intermediate form for students in Grades 3 through 6. The standardized assessment and informal analyses are integral features of comprehensive word finding assessments


Original Code 13065
Authors Diane J. German
Contents Examiner’s Manual, Word Finding Assessment Picture Book, Comprehension Check Picture Book, 10 Preprimary Examiner Record Forms, 10 Primary Examiner Record Forms, and 10 Intermediate Examiner Record Forms, all in a sturdy storage box
Age Range 4-6 through 12-11
Time Taken 20 to 30 minutes
Administration �Individual
Language English

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