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Phonological and Print Awareness Scale (PPA Scale)

Phonological and Print Awareness Scale (PPA Scale)

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The new Phonological and Print Awareness Scale (PPA Scale) measures early literacy skills and allows examiners to track the development of these skills over time. This research-based, standardized test can be administered quickly and helps identify children who may benefit from early intervention. The PPA Scale assesses two important literacy skills that consistently demonstrate a strong, predictive relationship with later measures of reading and writing: Phonological awareness: The ability to recognize and manipulate the individual sound structures of a whole word without any reliance on print Print awareness: The understanding of the elements of print, including alphabet knowledge and concepts about print (for example, reading starts at the top left of a page) Development of the PPA Scale was guided by expert research and reports highlighting the importance of both phonological and print awareness in learning to read and write successfully.


Original Code W-612
Authors Kathleen T. Williams
Contents Includes 25 Form A; 25 Form B; 25 Form C; Easel A; Easel B; Easel C; Manual; Building Early Literacy Skills: Phonological and Print Awareness Activities; all in a sturdy bag
Age Range 3 years, 6 months to 8 years, 11 months
Time Taken 10 to 15 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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