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BED: Bedside Evaluation of Dysphagia – Revised Edition

BED: Bedside Evaluation of Dysphagia – Revised Edition

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A streamlined, bedside, swallowing evaluation process with both a standard screen or short form. The manual contains administration instructions as well as describing clinical implications of each type of disorder and provides diet consistency recommendations, compensatory strategies, and rehab strategies to try. There are four components of the evaluation: 1.) Prescreening to identify non-physiological factors, 2.) Oral motor assessment to evaluation structure and function and touch sensitivity of lips, cheecks, tongue, and soft palate and suspected damage to sensory or motor nerves, and 3.) Oral-pharyngeal dysphagia symptoms assessment to measure abilities by administering foods and liquids.


Original Code 11030
Authors Edward Hardy
Contents Manual,5 Standard forms, and 25 Short Forms.
Age Range 15 to 45 minutes
Time Taken 18+ yrs
Administration Individual
Language English

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