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Auditory Rehabilitation (Memory-Language-comprehension)

Auditory Rehabilitation (Memory-Language-comprehension)

- Brand: Prasad Psycho Corporation
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This highly structured program contains six developmental levels that increase in verbal complexity. Each level has 20 carefully prepared lessons to aid in developing the child's listening and comprehension skills. In each lesson, the child listens to a set of spoken passages, the clinician/teacher asks a series of questions about the contents of the passage, and the child answers the questions by recalling the information that he or she heard. The six levels vary in verbal complexity. For example, in the first lesson in Level One, the child has to recall one fact from a 10-word oral presentation; in the last lesson of Level Six, the child has to recall five facts and deduce two inferential conclusions from a 66-word oral presentation.


Original Code 2432
Authors Karlene Stefanakos and Rex Prater
Contents A terminal objective for each level,120 lessons, Reproducible individual record form, 40 test probes that help identify the student’s, level of performance
Age Range 15+
Time Taken
Language English

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