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Assessment of Language-Related Functional Activities

Assessment of Language-Related Functional Activities

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Use this test to assess Language-Related Functional Activities. The ALFA consists of 10 subtests, each of which assess a different Functional activity: Telling Time, Counting Money, Addressing an Envelope, Solving Daily Math Problems, Writing a Check/Balancing a Checkbook, Understanding Medicine Labels, Using a Calendar, Reading Instructions, Using the Telephone, and Writing a Phone Message. The patient actually performs each Functional activity, and you record an objective, quantitative score. The ALFA helps you meet the daily, front-line need to quickly and conveniently assess patients' Functional Language-Related Activities. The ALFA's subtests require use of all language modalities: auditory comprehension, verbal expression, reading and writing, as well as cognitive and motor skills.


Original Code 8850
Authors Kathleen A. Baines, Ann W. Martin and Heidi McMartin Heeringa
Contents Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, 25 Profile/Examiner Record Forms, and additional materials kit (10 tokens, clock, medicine chart, and 25 envelopes).
Age Range 16-0 through 95-0
Time Taken 30 minutes to 2 hours
Administration Individual
Language English

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