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Apraxia Battery for Adults,2Ed.

Apraxia Battery for Adults,2Ed.

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Use the Apraxia Battery for Adults-Second Edition (ABA-2) to measure the presence and severity of Apraxia in adolescents and Adults. The objective scoring system provides the clinician with an initial step toward assessing recovery in relation to severity of Apraxia. The ABA-2 has been updated and redesigned. Those features clinicians found useful were preserved, and added features make the test even more effective at detecting the severity of Apraxia. More difficult items have been added to two subtests to raise the ceiling so clinicians can identify patients with mild Apraxia. Pictures and items have been updated and new normative data were collected in the Fall and Spring of 1998 and 1999.


Original Code 9100
Authors Barbara L. Dabul
Contents Examiner’s Manual, Picture Book, and 25 Profile/Examiner Record Forms
Age Range 13+ yrs
Time Taken 20 minutes
Administration Individual/Group
Language English

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