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Aphasia Diagnostic Profiles

Aphasia Diagnostic Profiles

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The Aphasia Diagnostic Profiles (ADP) is a quick, efficient, and systematic assessment of language and communication impairment associated with aphasia that should be administered individually. Designed to meet the demands of today's medical climate, it contains nine brief subtests. Each subtest yields standard scores and percentile ranks. Behavioral Profile-indexes the patient's overall emotional state during testing. The ADP was standardized on 290 adults with neurological impairments (222 potentially aphasic adults) and 40 nonaphasic adults (median age 70). Reliability coefficients (interitem consistency) for subtest raw scores ranged from .73 (Behavioral Score) to .96 (Repetition), with most in the .90s. Test-retest coefficients ranged from .64 (Elicited Gestures) to .91 (Information Units).


Original Code 8950
Authors Nancy Helm-Estabrooks
Contents Manual, Stimulus Cards/Letter Board, and 25 Record Forms
Age Range 18+ yrs
Time Taken 40 to 45 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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