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Career Attitudes and Strategies Inventory (CASI)

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Counselors describe the CASI as a career checkup that surveys beliefs, events, and forces affecting an individual's career as well as a way to identify influences or problems requiring further discussion and exploration. In individual or group settings, the instrument helps to identify and clarify career problems and stimulates construcscussion of these areas. Potential uses include a general assessment of a company's work environment, sources of worker dissatisfaction, degree of interpersonal abuse, etc. The CASI provides a comprehensive inventory of a person's current work situation that includes common attitudes and beliefs as well as strategies for coping with job, family, coworkers, and supervisors. This inventory assesses the likelihood of job stability and helps to clarify situations the individual may perceive as career obstacles.


Original Code WW-2729-KT
Authors John L. Holland and Gary D. Gottfredson
Contents CASI Manual, 25 Inventory Booklets, 25 Hand-Scorable Answer Sheets, and 25 Your Interpretive Summary Booklets
Age Range 17 - 77 yrs
Time Taken 35 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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