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Job Observation and Behavior Scale: Opportunity for Self-Determination (JOBS-OSD)

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JOBS:OSD is designed to assist employers, educators, rehabilitation counselors, and other professionals involved in providing transitional work training and rehabilitation. It provides an understanding of work performance and support needs, from the self-perspective of adult employees and students. This self-assessment is a critical component of success in long-term employment and community living. Information derived from JOBS:OSD provides employers with a means of making reasonable accommodations for employees, necessary for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Rehabilitation Act. JOBS:OSD links self-determination to critical vocational behaviors, and the support needs of student and adult employees in community employment settings. It allows educators and rehabilitation professionals to understand the perspective of the employee, and establishes a communication bridge between supervisors and workers, which reduces workplace ambiguity to establish person-specific instruction, training and support programs that comply with transitional IEP requirements under IDEA, and with IWRP and ISP requirements under the Rehabilitation Act. Three JOBS:OSD subscales include 30 items, which represent critical patterns of performance in work-related daily living skills, behavior and job duties. Each item asks the employee to self-assess both Quality of Performance and Type of Support required.


Original Code 37635
Authors Michael P. Brady, Howard Rosenberg and Michael Frain
Contents Manual and a package of 25 Record Booklets.
Age Range 15 - 25 yrs
Time Taken 20-30 minutes
Administration Individual
Language English

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