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Peabody Mobility Programs

Peabody Mobility Programs

- Brand: Prasad Psycho Corporation
- Product Code: 38-1117-KT
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Includes valuable teaching aids for professionals, para- professionals and parents who have limited time or skills to deal with problems of movement for severely handicapped and/or visually impaired persons of all ages. The Blind Program covers: Motor Skills, Sensory Skills, Concept Skills and Mobility Skills. For each of these skill sections the Program provides both the Scale for testing the developmental level and the Training for step-by-step teaching of fundamental orientation and mobility skills.


Original Code 33748
Authors R. Harley, T. Wood and J. Merbler
Contents 4 Skill Assessment booklets and 4 Training Booklets (all are reusable), the Program Manual and a complete set of Masters for Forms, with permission to reproduce 25 copies of each.
Age Range 2 - 90 yrs
Time Taken
Administration Individual
Language English

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